What Is iWithin?

iWithin has harnessed the latest scientific research with the best of meditation, psychology, yoga, nutrition, and exercise; added the latest machine learning, avatar and voice technology to turn any mobile device into a personal wellness coach available 24/7. 

The wellness coach is an avatar designed by ex-Pixar Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Disney, EA team that provides a new level of user experience wherein users can talk to the coach about what they hope to correct or achieve in their life. The coach, through an understanding of that user’s personality, needs and lifestyle, draws from the best techniques and content to create a personalized road map for that user. The coach then guides the user to their objectives by building a program around their lifestyle and motivating them to reach their personal goals. 

The content and practices harnessed by iWithin are incredibly powerful. For example some meditation has been scientifically shown to ‘rewire’ our brains, change our DNA responsible for anti-aging and prevent disease; in some cases in under 8 weeks. This is potent stuff with proven effectiveness that exceeds conventional medical measures. 

The beauty of our wellness coach is that it uses the latest technologies such as facial recognition, voice analytics and machine learning. The iWithin software is able to deduce things like personality profile, emotional states, lifestyle data and so on -- which when combined with machine learning is able to create predisposition data.

This is incredibly powerful because wellness and lifestyle factors are precursors to many medical conditions. This data can be extremely effective in predicting a persons likelihood of life events such as getting depressed, or having a heart attack and so on. Our wellness coach can then be effective in deducing root causes of a user issues so that they can be addressed; not just the symptoms and ultimately may allow users to avoid major life events.

Technology Trends

Voice is already replacing typing and text as the new consumer interface. Circa 25% of Android mobile Google searches will be by voice in 2016. iWithin believes that personal digital assistants will become a normal way of life in the following 5 years.

Entering text and using a mouse will be a thing of the past as the user interface with technology becomes voice. 

Customers are already interacting with websites and retail companies via live-chat agents and increasingly these are becoming automated. 

Personalized health and wellness care will become a new standard in the next decade as researchers are proving that each person responds differently to the same foods and drugs. iWithin provides the platform for personalised wellness. 

Problems Solved

iWithin aims to solve three levels of problems:

1. The life challenges we all face such as poor sleep, stress, being overweight and so on; 

2. Finding the best solutions specifically for each of our personal challenges; and 

3. Once we have found the solution keeping it up in our busy lives.

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