What Is iWithin?

The team behind iWithin have spent over 20 years of research and trial and error to work out how to succeed at our life's missions and live a life that matters most to each of us. This work has covered many areas of wellbeing including losing weight, getting fit, conquering depression and eliminating anxiety and stress. And not to mention finding some balance and meaning in our modern busy lives. 

We wanted to crack why more than 95% of attempts to lose weight or de-stress end in failure and yet some of those same people all of a sudden after years of trying succeed for good. 

iWithin in studying why people do or don't succeed in their goals has identified 21 ingredients that make up the formula for success in our wellbeing. There is a science to success. 

iWithin has found that some people already have some of these ingredients working but because they have not enlisted enough of them they fail. To make matters even more complicated it seems how we put those ingredients together is different for each person. And this is why so many one-size fits all programs don't work.

iWithin has also found that many solutions that are promised to solve all our problems have never been objectively measured and their effectiveness is not scientifically known. We also found that some solutions are ineffective for some people and in some situations but totally effective for others and in different situations.

This needed to be decoded because no one has time to work this stuff out for themselves and we are all different.

So by harnessing years of wisdom and know-how iWithin will help you identify your winning ingredients and help you put them together to create your own winning formula in a way that fits your lifestyle. The great thing about this is most of what you learn can also be applied to different goals in your life.

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